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Chris Quintilliani owner Old Hickory Sheds of the Big Horn Basin

Stick Shift Motors was founded in 1997 by me, Chris Quintiliani, but the story begins long before then. Growing up the son of an avid Chevy collector, I have always been influenced by automobiles. Since the early days of toy Hot Wheels and pedal cars, through my early teens and my first restoration projects, cars have been my life.

As a teen, I traveled with my dad, Ken, to all the big auto swap meets: Hershey, Carlisle, Pomona, Turlock, Jefferson, Portland... we hit them all, scouring the isles for rare and exotic high performance Chevy parts. I began reading and researching everything I could, memorizing part numbers, cowl tag codes, and the like. Our late friend, Lynn Dowdy, soon proclaimed me to be a Chevy numbers 'expert' one day at Carlisle when I was spouting off engine casting numbers to an unknowledgable parts vendor. Through Lynn, I have made many priceless contacts and friendships within the collector car community. He was a great man and will be forever remembered fondly.

After graduating high school, I attended Western College of Auctioneering where I learned many business tools that I use today. By my early 20s, many collector cars had been bought and sold, and it became my goal to make it my profession. With much encouragement from my family, I applied for my Wyoming dealer's license on my 21st birthday, and Stick Shift Motors was born.

My business proved to be in a high traffic location and a few friends approached me about selling their used cars for them. Soon I found myself providing daily transportation for the local population.

A special thanks goes to my friends Curt and Loren for showing me the ropes, even today I still learn from them. Through hands on experience, I learned which used cars were of high quality and value, and what was in demand, but my best skill has been learning what the customer's needs are and matching them with the perfect vehicle.

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